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click here for demo site These two samples are "demos" created during the development cycle of two, unsuccessful e-Commerce efforts initiated at MotorcycleWorld. More than anything, it was most likely the failure of the e-Commerce initiatives which resulted in the demise of These demos are largely non-functional, created only to test and demonstrate the graphic "look and feel" proposed for the sites and represent the largest part of my involvement in these two projects. click here for full size image
Association Site Demos
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Association Site Demo
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Association Site Demo #2
Near the end of my time at MotorcycleWorld, an effort was made to sell "cookie-cutter" sites to Powersports associations in exchange for access to their memberships. These are two samples of demos mocked up prior to the sales effort.
Dealer Site Demos
A large part of MotorcycleWorld's projected revenue was from Dealer Services. Dealer websites created by MCW, incorporating many inventory control and reporting functions, was a large part of this strategy. The concept was to create several base sites/styles; each with several color variants from which the Dealers could then choose. Customization was an "add-on" to these base configurations. This is a replica of the site used by Dealers to make their style/color selections.
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