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Jeremy Kumin, JereCo's owner and operator, owes his experience in PC Graphic Design almost entirely to necessity and a true love for computer graphics. Upon his honorable discharge from the US Navy in 1986, Jeremy took a position as a technical writer for Food Equipment Manufacturing Corporation in Maple Heights, Ohio - a leading manufacturer of convenience meal packaging systems. Up until Jeremy's arrival at FEMC, technical manual preparation had always been a "cut and paste" procedure which made updates and revisions a difficult, if not impossible affair. Realizing the benefits of electronic publishing (even as early as 1986), Jeremy revamped FEMC's technical documentation using Xerox's GEM based Ventura Desktop Publisher and PC-Paintbrush, a rudimentary (by today's standards) bitmap image editor. As the computing power of today's computers and the sophistication of the software increased, so too did Jeremy's experience in creating computer based graphics.

Since his departure from FEMC in 1990, Jeremy has held positions as the Operations Manager of Magic American Corporation, best known for its "Goo Gone" product line and another as the Technical Writer for Charter One Bank's Operations Department. It was from this position at Charter One that Jeremy was promoted in 1995 to a position as the Systems Liaison to Charter One Bank's Marketing Department.  Leaving Charter One Bank in November of 1997 Jeremy spent three months as the in-house Graphics Designer for CompSource, Inc. where he was responsible for creating and implementing several ad campaigns that have appeared in National Publications such as Laptop Buyer's Guide, Computer Direct Shopper, Mobile Computing and Communications and other still such as The Computer Shopper and Processor Magazine for other publications.  A slowdown in purchasing following the 1997 Christmas season, coupled with a planned move into a new building, forced the owner of CompSource to reluctantly release Jeremy from their employ.   After several weeks of unsuccesfully attempting to locate a position which both utilized and challenged Jeremy's talents, he made a crucial decision; that is to devote his full attention and time to JereCo.  Since January of 1998, Jeremy has proven, both to himself and the clients that he works with that it is possible to deliver a high quality product, at a reasonable price AND make a living at it!

In July of 2000, Jeremy and JereCo went through yet another change. Despite having his best year yet, Jeremy was offered a position that he just couldn't refuse as the Web Designer of the largest Motorcycle related site in the world -- a site that his departure in May of 2001 was receiving more than 1.5 million page hits per day. For more about Jeremy's experiences at MotorcycleWorld.com, click here.

If it's true that everything travels in circles, then Jeremy is living proof. Following the demise of MotorcycleWorld.com, by pure chance he spotted an employment ad for a company he worked for when first out of the service, Food Equipment Manufacturing Corporation (now know simply as FEMC). Although the ad was for an inside salesman, Jeremy made a call to see if they had any other needs. As it turns out -- about 90% of what he had been doing for the past 12 years were skills they desperately needed. After very little negotiating, Jeremy gladly came back on board and has been there ever since.

Throughout all of this, it has been Jeremy's love of computer graphics that has driven his pursuit of knowledge and experience within the computer graphics field. It is also this love of computer graphics that has earned Jeremy a measure of respect from the international graphics community. A fact evidenced by, his inclusion as a beta tester on many of today's leading computer graphics product lines.

Jeremy is an avid beta tester for many software manufacturers whose products are on the leading edge of PC Graphic Design. Jeremy has beta tested products for companys such as:

Corel Corporation (Draw, PhotoPaint, Dream3D, WebSuite, Ventura DTP and CorelCAD)
Micrografx (Draw, Picture Publisher, Designer, Visual Reality, Simply 3D)
Fractal Design Corporation (Expression, Detailer, RayDream Studio, AddDepth)
Adobe (PhotoShop, Illustrator)

Jeremy's work with RayDream Designer and Corel's Dream 3D was also prominently featured in the book, CorelDraw 6.0 Unleashed, by MacMillan Publishing.

Jeremy and JereCo can be reached at:

4920 Foxlair Trail
Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143

Tel: (216) 509-0876
Internet: jkumin@jereco.com

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